What's New Debbie Gilmer?
I went onto quite a funk when Covid-19 sidetracked most of my 2020 work plans and show schedule. Thanks to Naomi Clement's virtual workshop on layered surfaces in May I was once again inspired to create new work!  Texture is worked into the forms and coloured slips are applied when leather hard.  Carving then "emerges"...my absolute favourite thing to do in clay!  All glazed in soft buttery glazes.  I am back in my happy place :-)
Artist Statement:

Creating in clay allows the rich unknown within me to emerge into visible form.  Simple studio practice allows me freedom to create forms that call to be caressed...by ergonomic design and by leaving evidence that they are uniquely made by hand.  Each piece a joy to use and admire every day.

10104 Nation River Rd. South Mountain Ontario Canada | Call/Text: 613-889-2871 | deb@gilmerclayworks.ca
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